Data osobdatum narození: 15. květen 1899
datum úmrtí: 4. říjen 1944
ŽivotopisBorn 1899. Died 1944 in Auschwitz. Baroness Franti… [více]
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Gutmannová, Františka (* 15.5.1899)

Born 1899. Died 1944 in Auschwitz. Baroness Františka Gutmannová (neé Mayová) was the wife of the industrial magnate Vilém Gutmann, co-owner of Gebrüder Gutmann. Among other things, this company owned coal mines in Upper Silesia and, with the Rothschilds, founded what is now the Vítkovice Ironworks. Vilém Gutmann emigrated before the start of the war. Františka remained alone in Prague with her four children Eliška, Zuzana, Gertruda and František. During WWII she worked for the Jewish Community in Prague, in the stock of the Treuhandstelle. In the summer of 1944 together with her children arrested by the Gestapo for reasons that are unclear. After being incarcerated in Prague's Pankrác Prison and the Small Fortress in Terezín, they were all – except for František who had died five days earlier – sent to Auschwitz in October 1944. According to available information, Eliška was the only one to survive.